Create a healthier environment for your team.

About Chris


The Minded Solutions Company provides a range of essential and effective employee wellbeing interventions that help you and your colleagues achieve the very best they can for themselves and your organisation.


These interventions are evidence based and can be tailored to meet your organisations individual needs. Research illustrates how effective employee wellbeing programmes can reduce the incidence of staff sickness, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction. 


Chris has delivered these interventions as a casework practitioner, therapist, third sector manager, freelance consultant in a range of environments from prisons and healthcare settings to international hospitality, corporate and voluntary organisations in the UK and abroad. 


The Minded Solutions Company has evolved from a passion about holistic approaches, a belief in people and how our experiential learning helps not only frame who we are but also gives us the potential to change. The training sessions with Chris will be informative, at times challenging, often humorous, exceptional value for money and always aim to provide participants with new skills, resilience and resources to use at work and home.  

Getting Back to Business after Coronavirus

As the nation returns to work following the unprecedented worldwide impact of Covid19. Whether you have been furloughed, shielding, worked from home, changed your entire life… it is not as simple as just going back to work after a holiday or and illness and that is tough enough!

This is big… there are questions, so many questions. In a world of constantly having to be MOVING FORWARD, coronavirus has made us slow down, look inwards and re-evaluate. It has also made us very hypervigilant. Being hypervigilant can be a good thing to the natural and ‘normal’ dangers in life. But a constant state of hypervigilance is completely exhausting and will undoubtedly impact on our ability to function as effectively at work.

Minded solutions can offer your organisation a range of interventions to support the health and wellbeing of your staff as you return to work.

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